Since hiring MSS Audio Services in 2009 the quality of sound reproduction for our Concerts on the Green and July 4th Extravaganza has surpassed our expectations. The level of professionalism from owners, Joe and Sally Hesse and their entire crew provides to our free community programs is second to none. From their state-of-the-art equipment, ability to adapt to our changing needs or acquire what is needed to get the job done, MSS Audio services is always there to meet and exceed our expectations. On many occasions, band members will approach us after the show and compliment their level of professionalism from equipment and staff. MSS Audio services has taken our programs and organization to new heights and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

James W. Kinsey III CEO & President Valley Cultural Center




We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with the Hesse family through their 2 beautiful grandchildren, who are enrolled at the school.

Some years ago, we approached Joe with a request to assist us with our audio needs for a major school event. He didn’t just agree to help, he went above-and-beyond and provided not only incredible service, but highly skilled engineers and equipment which resulted in an event that not only sounded spectacular, but was handled 100% professionally and was stress-free.

Now, many years later, Joe and Sally and the team at MSS still provide sound assistance for us on a regular basis. They are still a joy to work with and their services are at a consistent level of exceptional.

I’m happy to have the opportunity to share what I have been thinking for some time; I really can’t say enough about them!

Karen Dale - Head of School - Delphi Academy of Los Angeles


MSS Audio Services and Joe Hesse have been an absolute joy to work with on Agape’s multi-day Revelation Conference. Our conference is far more than speakers and more like a music concert. Joe supplied all the audio equipment and had one of his crew do the monitor mixing. Joe has worked with me in preproduction to make sure we are getting the best equipment possible for the room at a price I can afford.

 I appreciate the elegance, ease and grace Joe brought to Revelation and that he was there for me at any time and found solutions that kept my budget on track.

As production manager I had a big job, but never had to worry about audio because Joe was always prepared for any unanticipated need, and never lost his cool.

I used MSS Audio at the LAX Marriott in 2012, the Burbank Marriott in 2013 and look forward to more opportunities to work with them in 2014.

Paul Bielenberg, Production Manager Agape Revelation Conference Agape International Spiritual Center Culver City, CA




What to say about MSS Audio….Hmmm…. over the past many, many years dealing with you all, all we can say is you have continually over exceeded our expectations event after event and coming from Harvard-Westlake School that’s a big deal!

You have not only performed Excellent on requested services but you have embraced some of our students that have an interest in sound and allowed them to work for you or just to come around when they are able to learn form you…this is worth more to us than any Gig that you pull off for us. Taking a child at this age level and helping them the way you have means so much to the child and our organization that we cannot express in a letter alone how appreciative we are to have you, Joe, and the full MSS team around our operations.

Here’s to many, many more years…

Jim De Matte Harvard-Westlake School Chief of Campus Operations Chief of Construction


page_iconWhen the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles was renovated, MSS Audio (a Meyer Sound Dealer) was contacted by Meyer Sound to assist in the sale of a sound system for the world famous venue centered on Meyer Sound’s MICA compact high-power curvilinear array loudspeaker.

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thumbnail copyHesse worked with Corea since the inception of the Elektric Band in 1985 up through 1989 when he formed MSS Audio Services.

In their February 2005 issue, “Live Sound International” did a feature article on Joe and Chick’s longtime audio engineer Bernie Kirsh that we thought you may like to read.

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Hi Joe, well it’s always a great pleasure working with you. As far as your work with me you can always tell anyone that I think your level of work ethic is very high. You’ve always advanced my organization when you were a part of it. You have always come through with very good products  at the needed speed , Your willingness to get the job done is always pure pleasure. Joe you’ve always been a  Big Plus in the creation of my music and performances, and I’m sure there’s more to come. Stay in touch man- and do very well, lots of love to you and Sally….Chick
Chick Corea


Joe also toured with Chick for the Elektric Band “To The Stars” in 2003-2004.  Here are some exclusive photos taken by Joe of the creation of the “To The Stars” CD, recorded at the famous “Mad Hatter” studios in Los Angeles.